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4 Anti-Depression Culinary Solutions

Eat pulses at least three times a week.

4 Anti-Depression Culinary Solutions

Certain alimentation imbalances might accentuate the depressive mood, because they deprive you of elements which are essential for the good functioning of the nervous system. Discover the secrets of a special diet to fight against depression and try to follow the advices below.

Rule no. 1
Eat as much fish as you can

The Omega 3 acids from fish allow the reduction of depression symptoms. Scientific studies show that populations who consume especially fat fish (tuna, salmon, mackerel, herring, anchovies) are subject to a reduced risk to deal with serious depression, comparing to those who don't eat this type of fish at all or eat it just a little. It is also known that depressed people have a low concentration of Omega 3 acids in the body. This is why, the consumption of fat fish is recommended for three times a week, avoiding cooking food at high temperatures not to damage the Omega 3 acids which are sensible to heat. Also, it is useful to introduce canola and walnut oil rich in Omega 3 acids, in your alimentation.

Rule no. 2
Quality proteins
Proteins, or more exactly the amino acids they contain, have an essential role in the production of hormones and neurotransmitters. Certain necessary amino acids are not produced by the organism and they must be provided through alimentation. That's why it's important to consume egg white,
poultry, cheese, fruits and seafood.

Rule no. 3
Choose foods rich in vitamin B
The B vitamins are essential for a good use of nutrients, for producing energy, for the immunity and for synthesizing the neurotransmitters on which the concentration ability and the adaptation to stress and good mood depend. The best vitamin B sources are beef liver, pulses, whole grains, vegetables with green leaves (broccoli, spinach, lettuce, asparagus).

Rule no. 4
A rich in magnesium alimentation
Many studies have proved that this mineral has a major role in preventing the serious consequences that stress might have on us. Eat pulses at least three times a week, choose an increased consumption of whole grains, add two squares of black chocolate with 70% cocoa to your daily menu and don't neglect the vegetables with green leaves.

Maria L.
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