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The Montignac Diet

The Montignac diet is just an example of dissociated diet.

The Montignac diet was very popular in the 1990s, in Europe, but it hasn't been forgotten since today. It was invented by Frenchman Michel Montignac, who worked in the pharmaceutical industry and who had weight problems as a youth. Since he managed to lose weight with his own diet, this became very 
appreciated throughout Europe. 

The Montignac diet is just an example of dissociated diet. The principle of separating the foods was and still is very popular among people concerned with their silhouette. He says that, if we consume the foods in a certain order, we will maximize out digestive abilities and will avoid the glycemic fluctuations which lead to weight gain. 

The nutrients are divided into three groups, by the Montignac plan: 

Group I - Carbohydrates or saccharides, thus everything containing flourand/ or sugar:
  • Bread 
  • Sweets 
  • Pasta 
  • Pastries 
Group II - Proteins and lipids:
  • meat 
  • fish 
  • eggs 
  • dairy products 
Group III - fibers which are fresh, frozen, stewed fruits and vegetables,or fresh fruits juices.

The basic principle of Montignac diet is the combination of these three food groups: group III may be combined with group I and group II. The groups I and II cannot be combined with each other. This means that we are allowed to consume meat with bread, with pasta , eggs with bread at the same meal. Also, we must avoid those foods which combine the two food principles of the first two groups. For example, the French fries contain both fats (oil) and carbohydrates (from the potatoes). Instead, we may consume vegetables with eggs, fruits with dairy products, fruits and cereals. 

On another side, although the diet does not forbid the carbohydrates, it limits their consumption. So we must consider the glycemic index. The glycemic index is a way to measure how fast the carbohydrates turn into glucose in the blood. The Montignac diet, same as other diets, favors the carbohydrates with low glycemic index and excludes the ones with high glycemic index. 
The saccharides with high glycemic index are refined, processed: sweets, refined sugar, white bread, pastries. The whole grains, fruits and oats have a low glycemic index. Therefore, we are not allowed to choose anything, when we consume food from the first group. The sweets are completely forbidden, same as white bread. 

Therefore, here are the rules of Montignac diet: 
  • Consume only complex carbohydrates, with low glycemic index. . 
  • Don't mix lipids and carbohydrates at the same meal. If you ate lipids or proteins at a meal, you must wait for at least four hours before consuming carbohydrates, and then we are allowed to eat lipid again after three more hours. 
  • The alcohol must be reduced. You may consume one glass of wine or beer. As beer is made with hops and malt, it contains carbohydrates, so it should not be consumed with lipids and proteins. 
  • Drink plenty of water between meals. 
  • Eat many fibers, thus fruits and vegetables. 
  • You must reduce the consumption of caffeine. 
  • You must have meals at regular intervals. You must eat three meals per day. Don't skip meals and don't eat between them or late in the evening, less than two hours before sleep. 
  • Eat healthy lipids and use olives oil in salads or for cooking. 
  • Do as much exercises as possible.
The benefits of Montignac diet are significant. It allows the consumption of different foods, it doesn't exclude the favorite dishes, it doesn't exclude any group of food entirely and it doesn't involve starvation. It prevents boredom, and has results on long tem, it encourages the consumption of fibers which prevent constipation. But same as any diet, the Montignac program has disadvantages too. Because the carbohydrates consumption is limited, the body may lack some vitamins, fibers and energy. As it is rich in proteins, the diet encourages the consumption of saturated fats. A limited consumption of carbohydrates for a long period of time may lead to excessive fatigue, bad breath, headaches. In addition, Michel Montignac didn't believe that the physical effort, the exercises help the slimming process, so his method does not encourage sports as a way to lose weight. Nowadays, it is known that the exercises help us burn calories, increase the metabolic rate and maintain the muscles. 

Menu sample: 

Breakfast: plants or fruit tea, oat muffins with cottage cheese, apples.
Lunch: vegetable salad, cheese, ham, boiled eggs, olive oil, a few darkchocolate squares.
Dinner: vegetable soup, mushrooms, cottage cheese, fruits.

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