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Pierre Dukan Diet

This diet is divided in four phases, has low calories and even promises to diminish hunger sensation.


Pierre Dukan diet, named after French nutritionist who created it, appeared for the first time in a book, "Je ne sais pas maigrir" - I don't know how to lose weight. It is a diet based on proteins, apparently inspired from other low-carb diets, like Atkins or South Beach.

This diet is divided in four phases, has low calories and even promises to diminish hunger sensation. Even more, great quantity of proteins, says Dr. Dukan, make organism consume calories and lose grease, but not muscle mass. A plus is the fact that this program takes into consideration also after diet period and proposes a maintaining phase which must be followed all life. Thus we avoid yo-yo effect.

Phase 1
First phase can last between 3 and 10 days, according to how many kilos you want to lose. Important is that in this phase we consume only proteins. This means that you are allowed to eat: beef meat, chicken meat without skin, fish and sea fruits, degreased milk products. As drinks, water, coffee and tea are allowed. All other aliments and drinks are forbidden.

Phase 2
Vegetables are slowly introduced. But vegetables containing starch are forbidden (potatoes, sweet corn, peas, lentil, beans etc.). In this phase can be eaten aliments from phase 1 (proteins) and vegetables without starch. These two phases alternate until you get to desired weight. You can keep one week phase 2 and then 3 days phase 1 and so on.

Phase 3
Named consolidation phase, this period is meant to get you back to a normal alimentation, but slowly, so you ca avoid yo-yo effect. Slowly are introduced aliments which were forbidden in phase 1 and phase 2, of course without abuse. 10 days of consolidation for each kilo lost are recommended. If you lost 10 kilos, you need 100 days of consolidation.

Phase 4
In this phase, which is for entire life, you can eat normally but respecting 2 gold rules:
1. Every week have one day to eat only proteins (as phase 1). This habit must be for a lifetime.
2. Every day eat 3 spoons of oatmeal and bran

Even in phase 4 is though indicated not to make excesses and avoid high caloric aliments: sweets, pastries, snacks, fries etc. They are not completely forbidden but they must be rarely consumed.

Example of menu for phase 1:
. Coffee or tea without sugar
. Two small degreased yoghurts or 200g fresh cheese
. One slice of turkey chest or ham, without grease or a boiled egg
. Degreased yoghurt or 100g fresh cheese
. Baked fish or grilled chicken chest
. One serving of fresh cheese
. Degreased yoghurt or 100g fresh cheese
. Chicken lever or one boiled egg, yoghurt

Advantages: losing weight is fast in phase 1. Stabilizing period is long, which prevents yo-yo effect. In last phases you can eat sweets or other aliments you enjoy.
Disadvantages: because phase 1 doesn't contain fibers, constipation can show up. Phase 1 has the same risks as other diet rich in proteins, meaning vitamin deficiency (because you don't eat fruits and vegetables), tiredness (because carbohydrates are missing) and cholesterol level growing because you eat only meat.

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